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Cricut Machine
Cricut Cutter
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Cricut Expression
Cricut Cartridges
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A General Guide to the Cricut Family of Products

Cricut Machine
The Cricut personal electronic cutter is the original Cricut cutting machine. With the Cricut, you can cut different fonts and designs at the touch of a button for use in your scrapbooking projects. Learn more »

A General Guide to the Cricut Family of Products : leefbaar-zuidoost.nl

Cricut Products Learn about the various Cricut products and which ones are right for you.

Cricut Expression

The Expression works just like the original Cricut. Both models use the same cartridge and blade system. The Expression is larger, which allows to you to cut bigger pieces for your projects. It also offers other advanced cutting options, along with an LCD screen that lets you preview your next cut. Learn more »

News and Tips

Tips for Operating the Cricut Cutter “You just put your paper on the sticky cutting mat, hit a button to load, type in your word or shapes, and hit cut. You pull it out... : samentegenracisme.nl

Ideas for Crafting with the Cricut Expression Whether you are an avid scrap booker, an activities enthusiast or a teacher, you'll love the new Provo Craft Cricut Expression Cutting...

A Look at New Cricut Cartridges The Cricut Cartridges allow crafters who currently use the Cricut Original or Expression Machine to cut letters and shapes from 1"...

Cricut Accessories

Cricut cartridges are available in different themes to suit any type of project.

Utilize more than one cartridge at once with the Jukebox.

cricut cartridgesCricut Design Studio Work with your cartridges on your computer and design unique layouts.